Leeannie huffman
Hi my name Is LeeAnie Huffman, I'm another Stylist and Salon Manager here at Nina's International Beauty Salon.  
I've been calling Nina's International home for about 3 years now and love every minute of it. A few Styles that I'm well versed in consist of Indivudual Braids, Cornrows, Dread Locs.
I graduated amoung the top of my class in 2006. I've been a stylist for more then 10 years now and specialize in maintaining, rocoverying and regrowing natural healthy hair.
I also delevloped a New Cutting Edge Program here at Nina's Internatinal Beauty Salon, called The Healthy Hair Care Program. This Program was designed with those clients in mind that may not be happy with the current condition of their hair; and also to assist clients with any level of damaged hair or hair loss they may have.
I can proudly say I've had multiple
clients utilize this revolutionary Healthy Hair Program to recover and regrow their hair from a variety of different hair loss issues not limited to but including thining hair problems, Cancer balding and Alopechia.

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